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Name:Obito Uchiha
Birthdate:Feb 10
Name: Uchiha Obito
Canon: Naruto
Age: 18
Height: 5'8
Build: Slender. He's got the Uchiha frame, which is more speed based than power based, though there's no doubting that he has muscle tone under all that.
Hair: Hitting the point of longer-than-short, because he hasn't decided if he actually wants to grow it out or not.
Eyes: Both have Sharingan, though the left is only a normal one whereas the right actually has Mangekyou.
AU details:
Obito was still smooshed under a rock, but in this timeline, Minato insisted on digging him out to 'at least take the body home' and this was when they realized the guy wasn't dead. He ended up being put in stasis for several weeks until Tsunade was found and had managed to heal him tot he point where he wouldn't immediately die.

Obito refused to take back the eye from Kakashi, even after he was finally able to wake up, and almost a year after he was mobile again one of his girl cousins bequeathed him her eye via her teammates when she died in one of the last battles of the war.

Minato has, in the last few years, been looking on him favorable as a future Hokage, and has started to slowly push more responsibility on him to see how he handles it before considering giving him the mantle.
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